Last update December 21, 2023
Good reputation
Must be 19+ to participate. T&Cs apply. Play Responsibly
Main info
Min Deposit CAD$20
Games 10+
RTR 95%
Payments iDebit, Interac
Licence(s) MGA
Live chat
VIP program
Main info
Min Deposit CAD$20
Games 10+
RTR 95%
Payments iDebit, Interac
Licence(s) MGA
Live chat
VIP program

Coolbet Bookmaker in Ontario

These days Coolbet is one of the main betting sites in Ontario and most other parts of the globe. It is loaded with sports betting options and different types of bets, and all of that comes in a nice and modern user interface. You can place bets using a smartphone or a tablet, and all computers will run perfectly when the site is opened.

The bookmaker has been available since 2016 and is based in Estonia. At first, it was developed for players from Europe and Scandinavia. But, due to its overall popularity and great features, it became available to bettors from all over the world. Ontario is one of those places. Another thing we must list here is that the bookmaker is transparent about the bets, offers different bonuses, and has an impressive level of security. Yes, it is a licensed provider. The license is obtained from MGA, so you know that this is a safe betting site.

Table of Content

A brief overview of the Coolbet bookmaker in Ontario

Here we have all the main facts you will want to know about Coolbet. These details are important if you want to get all the specifics in a glimpse.

Year founded 2016
License MGA
License number MGA/B2C/681/2019
Live chat Yes
Casino games Yes
Welcome bonus CAD200
Minimum deposit CAD10
Support email [email protected]
Twitter account @CoolbetCanada
Withdrawal time Instant

Review of Coolbet bookmaker in Ontario

If you want to place bets at Coolbet from Ontario, you can, and this is probably something you will want to do. The site is modern and looks like no other. Only the main features are visible at first. But, if you take a deep look, you can see all the additional features that are important for professional gamblers and players who want to enjoy more.

The site is protected by SSL and uses additional technologies to make sure you are safe while placing bets. As you shall see below, there are all kinds of bets you can place, and you can bet on all sports you will like, virtual and traditional. The bookmaker is licensed, which means that you will place bets on fair games only.

The site is also a casino, so you can play casino games and live casino games. The promotions are available all the time. Keep in mind that some of the promotions are available for gamblers while others are reserved for sports betting fanatics. You will probably want to choose the promotion that matches your needs so you can benefit the most from the deal and play more.

What You’ll Find at Coolbet Sportsbook Ontario

There are a lot of things you will find as soon as you land on the site. The first one is a simple and appealing user interface. It is optimized for players who want to place bets on all sports within seconds. You can find traditional sports, esports, and virtual sports. Yes, casino games of all types are available.

The site will reveal all the details you can see about a particular match or a game, and you can use this to your advantage. You can place more appealing and more careful bets the next time.

Best Features at Coolbet Ontario Betting Site

The best features of Coolbet are probably something you will want to see and enjoy right now. The first thing we like and will want to mention is the overall speed of the site. All the features are available within seconds, and you can easily find any of the things you like.

As we have mentioned countless times, all the sports are available here, so all you have to do is to pick the section you like and place a bet on the sport you want. Sports here come from all over the world. Some sports are from the United States, Canada, Europe, and so much more. This makes the provider more suitable for players who want to bet on multiple sports and not just local ones.

Transparency is another thing we like, and you will appreciate it. The site shares the details about the MGA license in the footer. Yes, this is something most, if not all, operators will do, but it is still known that you can get safety-related details within seconds.

One of the features we like is the bonuses and promotions. There are 15 of them at the moment. You can claim promotions for poker, sports betting, and casino games. All of these are different, and they can be used on appropriate sections of the platform. There is no need to add again the fact you can play casino games here.

Another feature we would like to mention here is the presence of responsible gambling, the operator does have a lot of pages and details about this issue. You can even see a special test we will cover below. The goal of this is to make sure players don’t get gambling addiction, and that they can get fast help in the case they develop this issue.

Coolbet Live Betting in Ontario

This feature is available at Coolbet, and it has been one of the main advantages for a long period of time. What this means is that punters can see all the live or sports events in real-time and place a bet if they like. There are multiple sports available here. For instance, you can see football, basketball, volleyball, rugby, hockey, tennis, and more.

Live betting means that you can watch an event on your TV, and whenever you decide, you can place a bet on that event at Coolbet. These bets are special due to the fact they are easier than other types. You already have an idea of how the match is going, and you can easily make up your mind and try to place a bet that will get you a massive winning.

The details in this section of the site are impressive as well. You can see details like over, under, statistical data, and more. These facts should help you with the best and should try to assist you in making the best bet possible.

Players have the ability to add their favorite sports in the corresponding section. This means that every single time when you open this page, you will see your most appealing sports, and you can place a live bet in no time.

Live Streaming on Coolbet Sportsbook

Live streaming is available at Coolbet as well. This is a part of the live bet we saw earlier. What this means is that they are present on the same page, and you can easily see which sports have live streaming available.

There is no need to add that this varies all the time, so you can see a lot of sports with the feature at one point and just a few at another time. Live streaming is an appealing advantage. It allows punters to watch the sport they want to bet on or the one they have placed a bet on already. It creates a more professional and more detailed experience in general. The perks are impressive.

We will add that this feature wasn’t present a while back. It is one of the newer additions to the platform, and the one most punters have been appreciating. All of this means that the site is known for updating the list of features and the options they have to provide.

Bet Types Available

The operator offers a lot of different bet types. You need to know about these if you want to bet and you are a beginner. If you have been betting for a long time, you already know all about these types, but you can check them out to see if your favorite bet type is available, and you can enjoy it.

  • Match bet

You will bet on the partial or definite outcome of a match. You will bet on which team will win or lose, or you can place a tie bet. This is one of the most common types of bet here.

  • Money line bet

You will place a bet on which team will win or lose, and the difference when it comes to the result at the end of the match is irrelevant. If the match ends up in a tie, the money will be refunded.

  • Double chance

Basically, you will place a bet with two possible outcomes. You can bet that one of the teams will either win or the result will be a tie. Because you have two options to win, you can see the overall appeal.

  • Point Spread

These are known as handicaps, and you can see 3-way handicaps, 2-way handicaps, and spread, also known as Asian handicaps. You will place a bet on the event in which a virtual deficit is applied at the beginning.

  • Total and over

The bet here allows you to try and guess how many goals will be achieved in the game. This applies to goals or points. You can also bet on over or under.

  • Both teams score

You will place a bet in which both teams will score a specific number of goals or points.

  • Correct score

You will try to guess the result at the end of the match. Keep in mind that the result must be correct and must match your guess.

  • Half-time or full time

The bet will predict the outcome at the end of the first half and the outcome at the end of the second half. Both 0are used to determine the outcome.

  • Other bet types supported

You can see that a lot more types of bets are supported here. These include live bets, top score bets, league leader, handicap table, seasons H2H, top3, Triplehead, specials, and more.

Sports Markets Offered by Coolbet Sportsbook Ontario

It is not a secret that you can see a lot of different sports markets at the site here and that you will want to enjoy as many of them as possible. Below is a table with the main sports markets you can find and enjoy all the time.

Football UK, US, Italy, Spain, Germany, and more.
NHL Switzerland, Austria, Canada, Sweden, Finland, and more.
Basketball Italy, France, Argentina, Europe, and more.
American Football US and Canada
Tennis Spain, Lithuania, France, Austria, and more.
eSports LOL, Dota, CSGO, COD, Valorant, SC2 and more.
Baseball World and the US.
Cricket South Africa and International.
Floorball Sweden and Finland.
Futsal Italy and Finland.

Bet with the Coolbet App in Ontario

If you want to place a bet with the app, you can do that. This is one of the methods that has been more than just appealing in Ontario and most other parts of the globe. You may ask, why? Well, some players prefer the pros of the app. Keep in mind that the operator is mobile-friendly as well, so you can place all the best you like and enjoy them without an app. This is up to you. Below we have the main pros and cons of the app, and also, we will reveal important things you need to know in this case scenario.

Positives of the App

The first thing we will want to reveal here is to share the pros or the main advantages of the app. There are a few of them, and you will probably love the appeal, and you will want to get the app.

  • Completely personalized experience

With the app, you will have one icon on your phone, and when you open it, you can see all the features and options the site has to offer. This is a huge advantage, and it can help you make a completely personalized experience while placing bets.

  • For Android and iOS devices

The app is available for iOS and Android phones and tablets. Even older devices can use the app, which is another advantage and one of the things you will like.

  • Easy to use

Using the app is super easy. It is very simple, and it offers you all the main features you will want to use in one place. You can use the app without learning anything before you try it.

  • Based on the latest technology

The app is all-new, and it is developed on the latest technology, which makes sense here. It truly allows bettors to enjoy the site completely at any given moment while on the go.

Negatives of the App

There are some issues here, and we would like to reveal them to you. All apps and all operators of this kind have pros and cons, so Coolbet is not something specific or completely different.

  • You have to download the app.

You will have to download the app, which can be a bit problematic for some users who are not proficient with the apps and their devices. This is not an issue if you are an average smartphone user. But still, some players don’t like to download anything in order to bet. They want to bet immediately.

  • Unavailable for older devices

The app is available for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets only. This means that if you have a Blackberry or Windows Phone, you cannot use the app. However, this is a well-known issue, and these platforms are no longer compatible with new apps.

Download Coolbet App in Ontario

If you want to download the app, you can do it right now, and you can start placing bets within seconds. This is a simple task, and there is no need to waste your time explaining the steps. Of course, there are a few other things you will need to know about the app and why you may want to use it.

Android version Yes
iOS version Yes
Blackberry and Windows Phones No
Live betting feature Yes
Bonuses and promotions Yes

iOS app user reviews

Here is what iOS users have to say about the app. This should help you learn more and also see the appeal and understand why so many players prefer the app and have been using it for a long time.

  • ‘’The app is great. I use it every day, and I will continue using it. I like the simplicity and the features that are present. There is no need to use the computer.’’
  • ‘’The app is stable, and I have never experienced any issues. I can place all the best I like and enjoy all the sports available at Coolbet.’’
  • ‘’Perfect. This is what I need and what I have been looking for so long.’’

Android app user reviews

The app is available for Android devices as well. This means that you can install it on any Android phone or tablet. Here is what these users have to say about the app.

  • ‘’The app is amazing. I use it all the time, and I can place all the best and claim bonuses. Even cool features are available.’’
  • ‘’OI didn’t have any complications using the app. All the sports are here, and I can place all the best I like, which is everything I actually need.’’
  • ‘’I have been using the app for a long time. It is much better than the web browser version because I have all the features well-developed and in one place.’’

How to Sign Up for a Coolbet Sportsbook Account in Ontario

If you are a new player and you want to bet at Coolbet for the first time, you will need an account. Here is how you can complete the process and how you can place the first bet.

  1. Click on register

The first thing you will have to do is to click on the register. If you have an account, you will click on the login button. The button is available when you open a pop-up menu in the upper left corner.

  1. Enter the detail

Provide all the accurate details here. The bookmaker will guide you through this process, so there are no complications here.

  1. Deposit funds

Use the payment methods available and deposit funds to your account. You can claim the bonus as well.

  1. Place a bet

Just pick the sport you like and place a bet you like. It is very simple, as you can see.

Software at Coolbet Sportsbook in Ontario

The website runs the latest software available for sports betting sites. This means that it is extremely responsive and uses high-definition elements. For you, this simply means that the site looks modern and appealing, even better than some others have.

The whole layout is impressive, and you can always find the feature you are looking for and use it. At the same time, you can get help, and you can use other features at the site that are present in the footer of the site. The software is mobile-friendly, and it will run on any internet-capable device.

Payment Options with Coolbet in Ontario

Players can use all kinds of payment methods at the site in order to place bets. For instance, you can use cards, Much better, Paysafecard and Interac. All of these are secure payment methods that have been available for a long time and that are used by millions.

The minimum deposit is CAD10. Keep in mind that with Much Better, the minimum deposit is actually CAD20, so you will have to know this before you start playing. All the deposits are instant, and there are no fees of any kind. This is a huge advantage, and it means more money for your betting online.

Coolbet Sportsbook Withdrawal Methods in Ontario

If or when you win a bet, you will want to get the winnings to your account. This is done using the withdrawal methods at the site, and there are a few of them that are available right now, and you can pick the one that matches your needs the most. In addition, the bookmaker has been cooperating with all major payment methods for withdrawals, so there won’t be any issues here.

Method Type Fee Processing Time Minimum Amount
MasterCard Card 0% 1-3 days CAD20
Much Better e-wallet 0% 1 day or less CAD20
Visa Card 0% 1-3 days CAD20
Bank transfer Bank 0% 1-3 days CAD20
Maestro Card 0% 1-3 days CAD20
Interac Online transfer 0% 1-3 days CAD20

Safety & Security Offered to Players

It is mandatory to consider online safety when placing bets. Coolbet is a safe bookmaker for all Ontario punters, and this is the main advantage here. First of all, the platform uses an MGA license, and they are transparent with the details and specifics. This is a huge perk for players who need these details. Then we can see the presence of SSL.

The site also promoted responsible gambling and helps players who have developed a gambling addiction. This is something that we can see only in operators who care about the users.

Contact Coolbet in Ontario

If you need to contact their customer support, you will want to know how you can do that. The live chat is available, and the support agents are here 24/7. You can contact them at any given moment, and for anything, you have in mind. This is the fastest method and also the one that works best here. Keep in mind that you can use another method as well.

Players can use the email address [email protected] to send a question to the support team. One way or another, the support agents are professionals, and they will help you as much as they can.

Pros & Cons at Coolbet Online in Ontario

There are a lot of good things about Coolbet, and we have covered all of these. But there are some issues as well, and we need to include these so you can have a complete picture before you place the first bet here. Take a look at the table below, and you will get all your answers within seconds.

  • A proper license of the operator
  • Players can use a mobile phone or a tablet to bet here
  • Many different bonuses and promotions
  • Transparent services and details of the operator
  • Many different types of bets are supported
  • Live streaming and live bets are available as well
  • We would like to see more sports added to this operator
  • Possible complications with the app
  • Few e-wallets for withdrawals
  • The operator doesn’t support cryptocurrencies for deposits or withdrawals

Coolbet Sportsbook Ontario vs Other Sports Wagering Platforms

If we compare Coolbet to other platforms of the same kind, we can see a few things. The first one is that this operator has one of the best user interfaces known to players today. It is a real pleasure to use it. There are sports betting options with all kinds of bets and casino games here. There are virtual sports also, so one player can bet and gamble at one site completely. Not all other platforms have this perk.

Then we can see that this provider is more focused on player protection and security than some others. Of course, most operators are fair and safe, but this one is completely transparent and invests heavily into making this an even better and more pronounced feature here.

Last but not least, Coolbet has some of the best bonuses you can play, and you can use these on most sports. Yes, we would like to see more sports offered, like some of the rivals have, but this number will be sufficient for most punters in Ontario.

Our Final Verdict of Our Coolbet Sportsbook in Ontario Review

All we can add here regarding Coolbet is excellence. We recommend this operator to all punters who want to have great fun and who want to play all kinds of games and win big time with the help of the bonuses. If you want to play at one of the most modern and appealing betting sites, Coolbet is right for you.

If you want to enjoy one place where you can bet and gamble, this operator is still a great choice. You can claim bonuses for all types of gambling and betting you have heard of. The operator is suitable for beginners thanks to simple bets, bonuses, and an FAQ section. But, it is also worthy of professional bettors due to the fact all kinds of bets and sports are here. Even the most complicated bet types are available. We had a great time testing and placing bets at Coolbet, and I believe you will have the same experience here as well.

Responsible Gambling

Responsible gambling means that a player will be able to bet and gamble without any risk of developing a gambling addiction. The main idea is to place bets with the money you can afford to lose and that you stop while winning.

Coolbet offers a lot when it comes to responsible gambling. You can see the introduction of the matter, the ability to set limits at the site, and also to get useful advice while betting. Last but not least, players can enjoy a self-assessment test that is a unique feature here and works well.


Is betting legal on Coolbet Ontario?

Yes, it is perfectly legal, and you can place bets on all the sports and use bonuses available here. Many players have been doing this for a long time, and now you can be one of them. In 2022 all forms of betting and gambling have been legalized and properly regulated, so there is no need to worry about breaking the law.

Who can bet at Coolbet Ontario?

All players who are aged 19 or above can place bets on the site and bet on all the sports available. The situation is the same when it comes to casino games. Keep in mind that if you are under the age of 19, you must not use the operator and place bets or play casino games. Luckily you will have to verify the account, meaning you will have to confirm your age.

What is the minimum deposit amount for Coolbet Ontario?

The minimum deposit is CAD10 which is another advantage. This is a small amount, and you can still claim a bonus. It also means that you can place bets with a small investment that will not cause any financial issues. Yes, you can deposit much more if you like and bet with a higher amount of money.

How do I download the Coolbet Ontario app?

You can download the app online, and it is available for iOS and Android devices. Sadly, the app is not available for smartphones and tablets with other operating systems. But, if you have an old phone, you can use a web browser and place bets using that method. It works well, and there are no issues or complications.

Does Coolbet Ontario offer live betting?

Yes, the sports betting platform here does offer live betting. It means that you place a bet on the match that has already started. Keep in mind that all kinds of bet types are available here, so you can choose the one that matches your needs the best and enjoy it instantly. Live bets are very appealing because players have more control over their betting style, and they can make up a better guess on who will win the game.