Last update December 21, 2023
Good reputation
Must be 19+ to participate. T&Cs apply. Play Responsibly
Main info
Min Deposit CAD$10
Games 10+
RTR 96%
Payments iDebit, Interac
Licence(s) Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation
Live chat
VIP program
Main info
Min Deposit CAD$10
Games 10+
RTR 96%
Payments iDebit, Interac
Licence(s) Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation
Live chat
VIP program

MaximBet Bookmaker in Ontario

Players will not be able to bet on their favourite sports on MaximBet Bookmaker for now. The platform ceased operation on 15th December 2022. Players with funds in their accounts were notified to withdraw as quickly as possible. Gamblers in Ontario who could not withdraw their funds got e-checks of their balance. This is due to some economic issues. Hopefully, the platform will be back on its feet in no time.

Maximbet is a product of Carousel Group and Maxim, the famous lifestyle company. Carousel has made a name for developing some of the best betting software in the industry, which minimizes the cost of collaborating with a third-party developer. The platform’s user-friendly interface will offer you a solid betting experience. Players also get to enjoy great bonuses and interesting promotions.

This review will be a crash course on all you need about MaximBet bookmakers. To get a full picture of the platform, we advise you to read the whole review.

Table of Content

A brief overview of the MaximBet bookmaker in Ontario

Maximbet has a simple goal of making betting easier and more enjoyable. Players from all around enjoy playing on this platform. New bettors are ushered into the betting space with a remarkable signup bonus.

Bettors on the go can enjoy betting on their favourite sports on their mobile devices.

Sportsbook MaximBet
Maximbet Bonus code None
Welcome Bonus $1000 with a 5X wagering requirement
Deposit match bonus 100% bonus up to $1000
Download app Yes
Compatible with Android and iOS
Minimum Bet $10
Software Carousel
Betting options Moneylines, Parlays, Live bets, points spreads, round robin and so on
Live betting Yes
Live streaming No
Betting Interface User-friendly

Review of MaximBet bookmaker in Ontario

What we all know as MaximBet started as The MaximBet app is a child of the marriage between under the Carousel Group and Maxim Entertainment, the lifestyle and entertainment brand that launched Maxim Magazine.

MaximBet sees itself as a complete and engaging entertainment experience that amalgamates the best online betting services with the finest real-world experience to create something sustainable and genuine. The brand has partnered with some of the big names in the entertainment industry. Its collaboration with Nicki Minaj validates Maxim’s bet enthusiasm to make betting more enjoyable.

The betting platform is praised for providing better sports betting lines. Players can find 10-cent betting lines on Maximbet, which is normal. The platform does not rely on third-party service providers since everything comes from Carousel. This has allowed them to provide more competitive lines. MaximBet does not offer any live streaming services but offers excellent live betting. A cool and generous welcome bonus is available to players who register newly with the platform.

What You’ll Find at MaximBet Sportsbook Ontario

Maxim Bet Ontario makes use of different techniques to ensure that betting is not some passive activity. The platform ensures that players are fully immersed in the process. You will find a decent signup bonus on the platform. The signup bonus is worth $1000 for new players. The reward is shared among your first deposits.

You will also find high betting limits that allow high-stakes players to have a perfect time. The lines are competitive, and the odds are juicy. You will find numerous sports to bet on, with many bet types available. You will also find a solid mobile app that allows you to enjoy betting from anywhere.

Best Features at MaximBet Ontario Betting Site

Players who have tried out this platform will agree that Maximbet is loaded with cool and interesting features that take betting to the next level. The platform adopts a modern approach to betting. Adopting software developed in-house. Everything follows the traditional layout of a betting platform, but the key tweaks allow this platform to shine over the competition. Some of the features that stand out on this platform include:

Live betting

In-game betting has been around for a while. However, only a handful of platforms have adequately integrated it into their betting system. MaximBet makes it possible for players to make bets while the game is still ongoing. This means that you can make bets even after the game has begun. On this platform, the live betting section covers various sports. You will find major leagues easily. Players can bet live on Football, Baseball, Hockey, and other North American Leagues. You will find a comprehensive breakdown of stats when selecting a live match. This will help you make better decisions.


Players can win free bet credits if they bet a parlay with success. You will be able to receive 25% of your winnings once you successfully make a four-leg parlay bet. The more legs you bet, the higher it goes. So, if you make five legs wager, you get 50%, six legs offer 75%, and seven legs afford you 100%, up to $1000. You can also enjoy odds boosts and other cool promos.

Cash-out option

Most betting platforms will have you wait until a game round is over before you access your winning. On MaximBet, you can request an early cash out before the game is concluded. This allows you to minimize risks in games that are not going as predicted. You get to win something before the games are naturally concluded.

MaximBet Live Betting in Ontario

A lot of interest has gone into live betting lately. Players want to be able to bet on games as the match progresses. This has become a safer and more reliable option for most players. MaximBet supports in-play betting. The app features daily live betting markets that players can explore, covering a wide range of sports. The betting calendar of MaximBet is all occupied, and this should not be a surprise since we all know that the sportsbook is under the management of an in-house marketing and trading team. Players who enjoy live betting can check out the live game market at any time to access football, college sports, basketball, and other international leagues on the live market.

The depth of the market is relatively decent, although major platforms offer betting market depth. You will find options on the outcomes of the games, such as point spread, game props, money line, half/quarter outcomes and winning margins.

There is no instant market on MaximBet, so you cannot wager on free throws and penalties.

The games are constantly updated. This way, players can be within the loop of what is happening in the game as it happens. Scores and other game stats are updated as the game progresses. Players should know that the live betting section does not have stable odds, so players will have to follow up on the stats.

Live Streaming on MaximBet Sportsbook

Even though live streaming is the new norm, many platforms do not allow players to enjoy live streams. Players who want to keep track of games as they bet in-game will have to resort to other services to watch as the game progresses. Players can still make the best from in-game wagers even without a live streaming service.

Players can use other reliable options such as Twitch, Youtube, Roku and other streaming services to keep track of games as they are being played. However, as you multitask, keep your focus on the odds, as those are volatile and can change at any moment of the game. Ontario gamblers can surely have a good time without streaming videos on the platform.

Bet Types Available

The gambling industry is filled with players who have different interests. It goes beyond interest in particular sports; players also have different proclivities regarding betting. Some players know how to take certain risks; it might sound funny, but it is true. For this reason, MaximBet has provided players with many ways to make bets. Some of the bet types you will encounter on the platform include

  • Parlays allow a player to combine multiple bets into a single bet. To win a parlay bet, every leg you bet on must win. This means that the bet is dependent on all legs. For example, if you make a six-leg parlay bet and the first five bets are won, and the last is lost, you lose the entire bet. The major benefit of this bet type is the higher payoff it offers.
  • Moneylines: this bet type is famous because most new players prefer to bet on straight wins and draws. Here no point spread is applicable. You bet for a team to either win or lose a game, and that’s that.
  • Over/Under: here, you bet on the number of scores, not specifically, but you predict if the scores will go over or under a specific number. For example, in a football match, you can bet over 4.5, which means that the goals scored in the game should exceed 4 at least. If the match finishes with 4 goals, you lose the wager.
  • Prop bets: these bets predict an event that does not affect the match’s outcome. Here you can wager on the first touchdown scorer, longest field goal kick, and so on.

Sports Markets Offered by MaximBet Sportsbook Ontario

The sports market at Maximbet includes a collection of different sports. Here are some of the sports available on the MaximBet sports market:

  • Football: just as it is on most betting platforms, football has the spotlight on it. You will be able to enjoy football promotions and rewards. Here you can explore multiple betting options such as over/under, Moneyline, etc.
  • Baseball: MaximBet accepts wagers on baseball. We all know that baseball is one of the most played sports in America. Players can make wagers on future games or on a particular set of games to be played.
  • NBA and NCAA Basketball: gamblers will find a combination of basketball leagues that accepts Moneyline, over/under, props and future bets.
  • Cricket: even though this sport is not quite American, you will find a range of cricket leagues to bet on. Players can wager on matches, top-bowler, toss winners, top-batsman, etc.
  • Soccer: fans of the sport can wager on the UEFA Champions League. You can bet on double chance, handicap games, futures, draw-no bet, win to nil and so on.

Bet with the MaximBet App in Ontario

As the betting industry progresses, players enjoy more convenient and accessible betting. With betting apps, players get to have a betting space that is designed to offer optimal gameplay.

Players who opt for the app over the browser version will agree that the user experience is solid and enjoyable. The images are crisper, and the interface is smoother and cleaner. Some players have complained about the app lagging, but that can easily be due to the device, not the app.

The app allows you access to the same bonuses and payment methods available on the web browser site. The app is assured to offer you a new and exciting experience.

Positives of the App

The Maximbet app has a well-designed interface that works smoothly. The app is designed for convenience. The app takes its style from the desktop version, but a few tweaks have made it more compatible with smaller screens. You will find that all crucial events are displayed on the front and centre of the landing page, and other less urgent sections are right below. With the fast buttons, you will be able to navigate around the betting space with no stress. You can easily find the bet markets and browse specials with no hiccup on the app. With the tap of your finger, you can make easy bets.

  • Easy navigation and smooth interface
  • Full features and betting options
  • Complete gambling market
  • Easy to download and install
  • Smooth registration process
  • Amazing promotions

The app is loaded with features that make it the ideal choice for players who want an incredible gaming experience.

Negatives of the App

What we consider the negatives of this app are not necessarily objective drawbacks that make the app suboptimal. These, however, are simple shortcomings that do not affect the app’s overall quality. Some players might not even consider these as drawbacks. It is important to articulate this shortcoming to give players a clearer picture of what the app is all about. Some of the drawbacks of the MaximBet App include

  • Unavailability of live streaming services: players cannot enjoy live streams through the MaximBet app. Players who want to stream as they make live bets will have to look for another way to make it work. This isn’t much of a drawback, as only a small part of the gambling market is concerned with live streaming.
  • Not available in all regions: not every gambling market accepts the MaximBet app. It means that there are regions that will now allow you to enjoy sports betting on this app, and this is somewhat of a drawback.

Download MaximBet App in Ontario

The Maximbet app is available in all gambling jurisdictions that allow online gambling. There are many ways to get the app on your mobile device and desktop devices. Android users won’t have a hard time getting this app since it is available on the google play store. You can use the search bar to get the app; once you click on download, it automatically downloads and installs the app on your device. iOS users can go to the App store and search for MaximBet play to download the app. Once the app pops up, you can click on get and download the app on your device. The official site also provides links players can follow to download the app.

App name App Store Google Play
MaximBet Play Yes Yes

iOS app user reviews

Some iOS players left the following reviews about the app:

  • Norcalhustlr reviewed that the app is great and has a seamless design. The app is also really easy to play and win. The navigation is easy, and since you play against the house, you get better-winning chances. This player has been playing for two months and has won over $150 on the app.
  • Brain Frick reviews that the UX and signup, and selection are easy. The app is well-built. The user also enjoys the fact the app does not collect much data from players.
  • Mjblank 24 reviews the app as fast and easy. The user enjoys the layout and great bonuses.

Android app user reviews

Players who game on android devices have to resort to google play to get the software. The platform received some of these reviews on google play.

  • Jonathan3343 reviewed the app as thus “good interface but sometimes slow. Easy navigations and good odds.”
  • keyPawn2 reviews the app as “easy to download and install. Requires higher android versions but good interface.”
  • Samson Paksuk “is the best and most real app I have seen, and with this app can make money slowly, but in the end, your pockets can be full. Try this app and never go wrong.”

How to Sign Up for a MaximBet Sportsbook Account in Ontario

Creating an account with MaximBet brings you one step closer to the fun. The registration process won’t take much of your time. You will have to provide some details to register with the platform. Some of these details include

  • Name
  • Email
  • Date of Birth
  • Home Address
  • Phone number
  • SSN

You must create a strong password and a cool username as a new player. This will be the information you supply when you want to log in subsequently. You will also need to confirm that you are 18 and above to be able to register with the platform. After successfully registering with the platform, you will be required to deposit so that you can start betting. Pick a deposit method that sits with you the best and deposit within the permitted limits. Claim your welcome bonus and start betting.

Software at MaximBet Sportsbook in Ontario

The software serves as the foundation of any betting app. Carousel Group powers Maximbet. We all know that the group has its exclusive sports betting software. This means that the app does not have to pay any percentage of its revenue to any third-party developer. This allows the sports bookmaker to provide competitive lines and fine odds. You will also get to enjoy remarkable offers because of this reason.

Due to the app’s software, players enjoy maximum value from betting on the app. The Carousel group has gathered an experience that allows them to offer the best betting software in the betting industry.

Payment Options with MaximBet in Ontario

New players will realize that the betting industry is closely tied to the financial sector. This is because money plays an important role in every wager. Players expect to have methods that allow them to fund their bankroll and receive their winnings in real money.

Players get access to a collection of banking methods that have been tested to assure speed and reliability. We cannot say that the payment system at Maximbet is the best we have seen, but it is quite decent and comprehensive. Deposits are usually instant on this app, but withdrawals take a while to process. You will have to wait for 1 – 5 days to get the value of your wins.

MaximBet Sportsbook Withdrawal Methods in Ontario

Players often expect to get the same number of withdrawal methods as deposit methods. Well, it is most contrary. You will find more limited withdrawal methods, but all these methods are designed to offer secure and fast withdrawals.

Withdrawal method Fee Payout time Min Limit
Skrill Free 1 – 3 working days $10
Online Bank Transfers Depends on the funds withdrawn 1 – 5 working days $50
PayPal Free 1 – 3 working days $10

To access your winnings in real money, you must go through the verification process. The process does not require much; all you have to do is upload some documents.

Safety & Security Offered to Players

Player safety is very paramount. Gamblers should be able to log into an app and have a good time without worrying about hacks and other cyber-attacks. MaximBet offers players solid security. First off, players have the responsibility to create passwords that are strong enough to be immune to social and ethical hacks.

On the side of the betting sportsbook, technologies such as Secure Socket Layer are put in place to ensure that no unsecured connection can be made with the site. Any information you provide to the platform will remain undisclosed forever. The MaximBet Ontario sportsbook preaches responsible gambling to help players avoid any issue of gambling addiction.

Contact MaximBet in Ontario

The sportsbook offers excellent customer support to both new and old players. At the top of the landing page, you will find an icon that can connect you with a customer service agent in no time. This feature is available 24/7.

Once you click on the icon, you will get a menu; from there, you can request a callback. If you opt for a callback, you must provide an active mobile number, and the sportsbook will contact you. The live chat button triggers a chat session connecting you to a human customer support agent. The queues are usually short, so you will not have to wait long to get the support you need.

Pros & Cons at MaximBet Online in Ontario

Maximbet is a remarkable place to make wagers on different sports games. The website is interactive and easy to navigate. Players who want a good betting experience should opt for this platform. Players have a lot to gain from playing on the platform. Apart from the incredible signup offer, players enjoy other rewards as they play. Well, as it is with everything that has perks, there are drawbacks that players have experienced on the platform. Below you will find some of the hits and misses of MaximBet.

  • High betting limits
  • Competitive lines
  • Great odds
  • Good welcome bonus
  • A neat and interactive app
  • Many betting markets included
  • No live streaming services
  • Few bet types included
  • Few deposit methods are available

MaximBet Sportsbook Ontario vs Other Sports Wagering Platforms

Sportsbook   Live streaming  Revenue number of Staff  Growth Of Employee 
Fanduel  Available  $455.3M 1990 78%
Gravity  Not available  $129.9 424 7%
DraftKing Available $1140M 3366 21%
Barstool  Not available $187.67M 820 12%

The platform has ceased operation, but before then, the company has recorded that it has handled up to $18.7 in actual cash in one jurisdiction. Market spending was estimated to be around $3.7 million. This is more than twice the gross gaming revenue of $1.8 million.

In terms of providing legal betting services, the platform has licenses from the Colorado Department of Revenue and the Indiana Gaming Commission. This gives it decent legal standing among other betting platforms. The platform allegedly had about 950 staff and has partnered with some big shots within and outside the betting industry.

MaximBet is not yet at the top of its game, and there are a few improvements that the platform must make to make it sit with the upper echelon.

Our Final Verdict of Our MaximBet Sportsbook in Ontario Review

Maximbet offers a wide range of sports markets; players can bet on golf, baseball, rugby, tennis, football, and other sports. Carousel Group provides the sportsbook with software, meaning no revenue is shared with any third-party developer. This allows the bookmaker to provide the best odds and most competitive lines. Gamblers get to enjoy the best bonuses on this platform.

The sportsbook has a mobile app that satisfies all the needs of players on the go, except that there is no live streaming service. Players can explore different betting options to find what works best for them.

The platform is decent and was on its way to the top before it ceased providing betting services. Key improvements would have allowed the bookmaker to reach its full glory.

Hopefully, the platform will be active again, and players can make bets with the best odds and lines.

Responsible Gambling

If unchecked, gambling can lead to complications that can escalate into bigger issues. Players need to regulate their gaming. Different jurisdictions have set policies and gambling laws to ensure players do not become victims of gambling problems.

Minors are prevented from gambling, so if you are under 18 years of age, you will have to wait until you are old enough because no gambling platform will allow you to register for an account. Players will also have to play with set limits. This means that every player shares a minimum and maximum deposit limit. Players should stick to these tips to avoid any gambling problems:

  • Create a gambling budget and discipline yourself never to go over it
  • Do not keep playing when you are on a losing streak
  • Learned to play with the bonus before making real money bets
  • Check the stats before making bets


Is betting legal on MaximBet Ontario?

Ontario allows almost all forms of betting. Thus, sports betting is legal in Ontario. Maximbet is a legal platform with licenses from more than one gambling jurisdiction; players can bet on their favourite sports on this platform, knowing they will enjoy fairness and safety. The platform obeys all the laws and regulations spelt out by the licensing document it operates by. You must be above 19 years old to enjoy games on this platform in Ontario. Maximbet does not have a license from Ontario, but nothing stops players from enjoying betting services from the platform.

Who can bet at MaximBet Ontario?

The sports betting platform is open to everyone. You must be above 19 years old to gain access to the sportsbook. If you are in a region that allows interactive or any form of betting, chances are you are welcome on Maximbet. You must not have any special code or special invite to be able to play on the platform. All you need to do to play on the platform is to create an account. The platform will not ask you for many details, and the process is quite straightforward. Maximbet is open to all players who are of age.

What is the minimum deposit amount for MaximBet Ontario?

MaximBet welcomes every player with an open arm. The platform has a low minimum deposit, allowing almost every player to make wagers. You should know that players can use many payment methods to fund their accounts; however, across most of the deposit methods available, players can start betting at $10. This is affordable for players who want to start small. The platform aims to make betting accessible and more affordable.

How do I download the MaximBet Ontario app?

The app is available for download on different platforms. You can get the app by navigating the official sportsbook site. You can follow the link on the site to get the sportsbook app downloaded on your mobile device. The app is cost-free, so be watchful of any scams.
iOS users can use the app store to get the MaximBet play app. If you do not want to stress, you can search for the app and click on get immediately. Android users will find the app on the google play store. You can download and install the app without paying any fee or providing personal details.

Does MaximBet Ontario offer live betting?

Of course, you can wager on a game as it is playing in real-time on MaximBet. The platform offers a deep in-play market that covers football, tennis, rugby, college football, NCAA, NBA, WNBA, UFC, and other leagues. You should know that odds are constantly changing as you play in-game bets. It is important to keep your eyes on the stats. You will not be able to stream the games on the platform, but this will not stop you from making the best value from in-play bets.