Last update December 21, 2023
Good reputation
Must be 19+ to participate. T&Cs apply. Play Responsibly
Main info
Min Deposit CAD$20
Games 30+
RTR 79%
Payments iDebit, Interac
Licence(s) Alcohol and Gaming Commission in Ontario
Live chat
VIP program
Main info
Min Deposit CAD$20
Games 30+
RTR 79%
Payments iDebit, Interac
Licence(s) Alcohol and Gaming Commission in Ontario
Live chat
VIP program

WynnBET Bookmaker in Ontario

WynnBET is a relatively new brand in the world of sports betting. It is very popular in the United States, and we believe that the same appeal will be present in Ontario. This means that Ontario players will have another website to bet online and enjoy all kinds of bets, promotions, and at the same time, the app that has been a huge appeal for most punters in the whole of Canada.

Below you can learn all about this provider and see why it looks more than just promising. We will explore the games, types of bets, app details, and also how you can start betting here. There are a lot of things we will have to reveal, and we will try to provide even less-knowing specifics so you can make up your mind and decide if you want to bet here. We have been testing the operator for a few days now, and we are more than just happy. Let’s just say that all the elements bettors need are present here, and players can enjoy them on a daily basis.

Table of Content

A brief overview of the WynnBET bookmaker in Ontario

Here we have a few main things about the provider, and we would like to share them with you. The goal here is to reveal the main basics and help you see them before you even place the first bet. We will even reveal how you can register but later on.

Name WynnBET
Founded 2020
Type Sports betting website
License Alcohol and Gaming Commission (in the process)
Bonuses YesCAD100 in free bets and more
App Android and iOS
Live chat Yes
Telephone number Yes

Review of WynnBET bookmaker in Ontario

As we have stated above, the operator is a relatively new platform. They have been available since 2020 in the United States, and they are growing faster than any other rival. The company still doesn’t have a license from Alcohol and Gaming Commission in Ontario. But they have requested the permit, so it is just a matter of time before this will be issued to the operator. This means that you will be able to enjoy legal and licensed betting.

Then we can see that the operator is loaded with betting options and bonuses, Bettors can always claim a bonus or two and maximize the amount of money they have in order to gamble. Claiming a bonus is always a great thing because you get so many perks and advantages you can use later on.

The operator is transparent when it comes to winners and partnerships. It means that the operator is a well-known brand and one that cares about the players and wants to become even more popular. There is no doubt this will happen any time soon.

What You’ll Find at WynnBET Sportsbook Ontario

There are a lot of things you will find at this provider. The first one is the presence of bonuses. There are many of them, and we don’t have the space here to reveal 10% of them. All you need to know is that the promotions page is massive, and you can see all the deals known to bettors.

When it comes to betting, the platform is reserved for sports betting only. You can see sports like golf, NHL, NCAAB, MLB, NFL, and a lot more. Football, basketball, baseball, and more are also supported.

You can find some casino games as well. There are slots, table games, and live dealer games. If you like betting and gambling at the same time, this site may be suitable for you.

Best Features at WynnBET Ontario Betting Site

There are a lot of great features WynnBET has to offer. What this means is that you can enjoy all sorts of betting activities and have fun. The first advantage is the fact this is a high-end sports betting platform. What this means is that players are protected, have rights, and can place a bet on most sports available. Then we can see that even casino games are available. This is a small advantage for some players but can be a huge one for others.

The next best feature is the presence of the app that is tailored for players from Ontario only. There are other apps as well, available for bettors from other countries and states in the United States.

One feature we really like is the promotions page. The page is massive, and there are a lot of different deals. New bettors can get impressive free bets and so much more. But existing bettors can get perks as well, so always check this page before you place a bet. You never know what you are going to get.

The provider we have here is a partner with NASCAR, the New York Jets, Detroit Lions, and Indianapolis COLTS. All of this may be irrelevant for some of you, but for us, it means that the company is massive and focused on offering impressive betting to all bettors who want to enjoy it.

WynnBET Live Betting in Ontario

Here you can enjoy live bets if you like them. The live bet is a very appealing option a lot of bettors will like and want to place all the time. It means that you will bet once the event has started. The best example is a football or a basketball match. You will bet on the match that is still in the first half.

Bettors love these bets. They have more details, and they can see the game and the performance of the team they weren’t to support and then place a bet. It is great because you can place a more careful bet based on more data you have. Some players will bet only in this way which is interesting.

Keep in mind that some sports betting sites do not support these bets. WynnBET is not one of them. You can enjoy all kinds of live bets at any given moment, and you can bet on multiple sports on the website. Not all sports have this ability, so keep that in mind as well.

As always, the bet odds will vary on numerous factors, and we cannot generalize all of them. But, in general, the odds are still decent, and you can win a big amount of money if you know the sport and you have a bit of luck.

Live Streaming on WynnBET Sportsbook

Live streaming means that you will be able to watch the event at the operator or at WynnBET in this case scenario. It is a huge deal these days and something that a lot of different bettors want to enjoy. It allows them to have fun, enjoy the site more, and at the same time, see the outcome of their bet.

Sadly, live streaming is not yet available at WynnBET operator. We have some details that the operator is working on this feature, so we believe that they will add it soon, which will make more bettors happier.

At the moment. There is no feature of this kind you can use. Luckily, there are a lot more options you can use and enjoy on a daily basis, and you can have fun.

Bet Types Available

One of the main elements when it comes to online betting is the list of supported bets you can place on the site. All bettors have a type of bet they prefer, and they will want to enjoy. As such, it is important to add that you need multiple types supported by the bookmaker in order to enjoy the most. Here you can see a lot of different types, which is another thing we like. Just pick the type you like and want to enjoy.

  • Money line bet

This means that you will place a bet on which team will win the match. It is the most common type and the one that you will probably enjoy most of the time. It is also applicable to multiple sports.

  • Live bet

The live bet was explained above. It means that you will place a bet on the match that is active at the moment. You will bet on the match that is played at the moment of betting.

  • Point Spread

Here you will not place a bet on which team will win but on the difference in the result. You will try to guess how many points the team will win in the game.

  • Over or under

The bet allows you to try and guess the number of points in a match. You can bet under or over that number. So, if the number of goals is 5, you need a bet under 6 to win.

  • Parlay bets

These are multiple bets. You will bet on multiple teams who will win the matches. If you lose one of the bets, you will lose a whole one.

  • Others

The operator offers a lot of additional bets. Some examples include teasers, free bets, and so much more. Keep in mind that some bets are available for specific sports only.

Sports Markets Offered by WynnBET Sportsbook Ontario

There are a lot of different sports markets available at WynnBET. This is a mandatory thing to know. You will want to bet at the operators that have versatile options available to you at any given moment and the ones that can make your gambling better and more appealing. Here is the table with the main sports markets you can enjoy at WynnBET.

Sport Markets supported
Football Europe, The United States, and more.
Basketball US, Canada, Europe, and more.
Formula 1 International
American football US
Hockey US and Canada

Bet with the WynnBET App in Ontario

If you want to use the app to place your bets, you can. This specific operator is known for offering bets for all countries and states where it is available. This means that Ontario players can enjoy a specific app developed just for them.

An app is a must-have option if you want to use a smartphone or a tablet to gamble. This is mandatory these days, considering a lot of players from Ontario will place bets and play casino games using an app. It creates a more specific betting experience and offers much more attention to detail.

Positives of the App

As you can assume, there are a lot of great things or advantages of the WynnBet Ontario betting app. The features here are impressive, and we will cover the main perks you can get and enjoy. At the same time, you need to know that you will get all of these positives.

  • Complete experience

Using the app, you will have the whole sports betting list of features available. You can get special bonuses, create an account, deposit and place all the types of bets we have discussed here.

  • For Ontario players, specifically

WynnBET is known for offering specific apps for specific players from a state or a country. This means that the app is developed for bettors from Ontario only. It also means that you can see only the features that are legal and available in Ontario, which makes sense.

  • For Android and iOS

The app s available for Android and iOS devices and offered at official stores such as Google Play and App Store.

  • Modern design

Due to the fact the app is new, the user interface, features, security patches, and all the rest are based on the latest technology. In other words, you get the latest set of features within the app.

Negatives of the App

Of course, we can see some downsides, and we will want to mention and explain all of them here. The negative sides are something we can see in most apps for sports betting in Ontario and the rest of the world.

  • Not available for other platforms

As stated above, the app is available for iOS and Android phones and tablets. This means that there is no version for Blackberry and Windows Phones.

  • Small screen

Some players don’t like placing bets and watching sports on a small screen. Because the app doesn’t work on computers, this means that a small screen is a mandatory compromise.

Download WynnBET App in Ontario

If you want to download the app, you will have to go to Google Play or the App Store. Keep in mind that you will visit the online store according to the operating system your phone has. The app is available for tablets as well, and the process is the same. You will have to click on download the app, and it will be installed automatically. All of this will require a few seconds from you. You will need an internet connection to use the app.

Name WynnBET app
Android version Yes
iOS version Yes
For market Ontario
Sports betting Yes
Casino games Yes
Data encryption Yes

iOS app user reviews

Here we can see what users who have been using the app on their iPhones and iPads have to say about it. You can learn useful things from these reviews.

  • ‘’The app is amazing. It is fast and easy to use, and all the features are available and offered today. I like it a lot.’’
  • ‘’I have been using the app for quite some time. I don’t have any negative things to say about it. The app is great.’’
  • ‘’The best app here. I can place a bet all the time and while I am at work, which is amazing and finally possible.’’

Android app user reviews

Android users have something to say about the app as well. The app is available on Google Play, so you have the ability to enjoy this on Android phones.

  • ‘’I have been placing bets on my computer. Once I started using the app, I have never used my PC for betting again.’’
  • ‘’It is a stunning app. I like how simple it is and the fact all the features are available within the app.’’

How to Sign Up for a WynnBET Sportsbook Account in Ontario

Now you will want to place the first bet here at the provider. How can you do that? Well, the process is simple, and it is the same as with all other sites of this kind. Just follow the steps, and you will manage this within minutes.

  1. Search for download the WynnBET app.

You can search on Google for the WynnBET app. You will be taken to Google Play or the App Store, and there you can download the app. You can search at the stores manually if you like.

  1. Click on register.

Create the account using the app. You can log in if you already have an account.

  1. Enter the data.

All the data you will have to provide must be accurate, so make sure there are no mistakes. You will need this due to the next step.

  1. Confirm and place bets.

Now you can confirm your information, deposit funds, and place the best you like. Yes, you can claim the bonuses at this stage.

Software at WynnBET Sportsbook in Ontario

There are not a lot of details when it comes to software used by the sports betting provider here. We do know that using the site and all the features is simple. The app shares the same appeal. It is modern, easy to use, and comes with tons of features and details you will need, and you will want to use.

The provider looks and feels modern, and this is important. It makes placing bets and using the site easier, which is mandatory in 2023.

Payment Options with WynnBET in Ontario

There are multiple methods players can use to deposit funds. For instance, you can use Interac, WynnBet play card, visa, MasterCard, PayPal, cash (in person only), and check. The minimum deposit to this site is CAD10 which is a small amount, and you can still claim the bonus. The deposit times are instant, and there are no fees.

The deposits are protected with the SSL and additional systems this bookmaker has been using. All of this should help you understand that there will be no issues while depositing funds or while placing bets. You can deposit any amount you like.

WynnBET Sportsbook Withdrawal Methods in Ontario

Yes, you can use most of the methods we have here for withdrawals except the MasterCard and Visa. The withdrawal times are reasonably fast. The withdrawals are free as well, so you won’t pay any fees or anything else. The minimum amount you can withdraw is low. It is still one thing we like because you can withdraw even after a small winning.

Method Fee Minimum Amount Time frame
PayPal 0% CAD20 1-2 days
WynnBET 0% CAD20 3-5 days
Interac 0% CAD20 3-5 days
Check 0% NA 10-14 days

Safety & Security Offered to Players

The safety and security at this sports betting site are impressive. First of all, we can see that the operator is working on the permit from Ontario iGaming. This fact should help you understand that the provider is a licensed and safe place online to place bets.

Their website uses the latest SSL technology meaning your data is encrypted while gambling. In other words, nobody can access your data and your personal information. The site promotes responsible gambling, which is more important than you may believe.

Contact WynnBET in Ontario

There are multiple methods you can use to contact the support department. You can use live chat, which is the best and fastest method. They are available 24/7. If you prefer, you can call the support team or send them an email. The support agents are well-trained, and they can help you with the specifics and all kinds of issues you may have.

You need to know that customer support is available and offered to each state and province separately. You will need to pick your state and then contact the support team.

Pros & Cons at WynnBET Online in Ontario

In general, this provider does have a lot of hits and misses, so we will need to reveal all of them. The goal is to help you get all the details right now.

  • Safe and reputable sports betting provider
  • Soon Ontario license will be available
  • Great mobile app
  • Many available sports to bet on
  • An impressive list of welcome bonuses and promotions
  • Live streaming is not available at the moment
  • Casino games are hard to find and use
  • No web-friendly design on the site

WynnBET Sportsbook Ontario vs Other Sports Wagering Platforms

It is very easy to compare this sports betting platform with others. WynnBET is still a relatively new name here, but one that has been growing exponentially and has been known for its impressive features and options. They offer much better deals than bet365, BetRivers, and Unibet, for instance. But these are better-known names, and they come with more features.

In general, WynnBET is a great place on the web to bet if you like promotions and you want to enjoy the latest features and advance alongside the provider. They are not a small brand you will have to enjoy making compromises. They have it all, and you can enjoy all of that on a PC or a smartphone.

Our Final Verdict of Our WynnBET Sportsbook in Ontario Review

The final verdict here is simple as well. Should you visit WynnBET and use it to place bets? Yes, you should. The operator has some of the best and most versatile promotions you can find online. At the same time, their app is one of the best and the most sophisticated.

The sports are versatile, and all types of bets and all related features are available here. You can place live bets if you like. Live streaming is not still available, but we hope it will become available any time soon. In general, this is a sports betting platform that has a bright future ahead. The Sooner you start to use it, the sooner you will start to get all the perks and benefits there are in this line of business.

Responsible Gambling

Responsible gambling means that you will play with the money you can actually afford to lose. You will Alsop be able to stop playing whenever you like and stay immune to the gambling addiction. WynnBET promotes this type of gambling and betting. There is a whole page on the official site.

There you can see the basics and the first symptoms, the things you can do to decrease the risk, and also all kinds of resources you can contact if you notice some issues. You will be able to contact the local help center and start solving the problem in a matter of minutes.


Is betting legal on WynnBET Ontario?

The answer is yes and no. They are not legally licensed to offer the games here, but they are licensed in other countries. WynnBET is in the process of obtaining the Ontario license, which will make this platform 100% legal and available all the time. Yes, they will get the license. It is one of the biggest platforms of this kind available online, so they will certainly get the license as soon as possible. The license may become available tomorrow, which is a great advantage here.

Who can bet at WynnBET Ontario?

All players who are aged 19 and above can place a bet at the provider. There are no other requirements or anything similar. This is another perk we like, and you will appreciate it. There is no need to add that players under age 19 are not allowed to bet. This is the case with WynnBET and all other betting sites and casinos in Ontario. Players or bettors will have to verify their account, and this means that the site will confirm your age, so you cannot bet if you are under 19 years of age.

What is the minimum deposit amount for WynnBET Ontario?

The minimum deposit is CAD10. This is one of the lowest deposit limits you can enjoy in Canada and Ontario. It is very low, which means you can invest a small amount and still bet on your favorite team and have fun. At the same time, this means that you can claim the bonus despite the fact you are investing a small amount. Thanks to different payment methods and options, you can deposit this small amount within seconds, and there are no fees, so you can get even more funds to play with and hopefully win.

How do I download the WynnBET Ontario app?

You can download the app on Google Play and App Store. If you have an Android phone, you will download it from Google Play. This is obvious. If you have an iOS device such as iPad or iPhone, you will download it from App Store. This is mandatory in the case of Apple devices, and you cannot get the app on third-party sites. The app is stable and safe to use, and it was developed by professionals, which is always a great thing and a clear perk we all appreciate.

Does WynnBET Ontario offer live betting?

Live betting, or the ability to place a bet on the event that has started, is an option here. This means that you can place the bet on any event that is active at the moment, and you can expect the result. Live betting comes with interesting odds, and it is one of the most popular types of betting here and in the world. Multiple sports are supported as well, which is always a good thing to hear. This means that you can watch the event and bet at the same time. You will instantly know if you have won or lost the bet.